While taking some time off from work I decided I’d like to get my blog back in working order. There’s nothing like thinking about what’s the best way to make publishing my thoughts as quickly as possible (aside from using social media). Previously, I was using GitLab and Netlify to host and manage my blog. There was some awkwardness with the deployment pipeline where I needed to have a a GitLab yml file to help with the deployment steps. Perhaps they streamed line this since I looked at it. But it seemed like a good time to look elsewhere.

Starting new

Looking around and seeing what was available for website hosting there’s a plethora of options. I settled on Cloudflare. I’m familiar with their name and some of their products but never did anything around it. So I decided they’d be the best product for me. They have a feature called Cloudflare Pages that is simple and easy to setup. They have a lot of documentation too, which is always helpful when diving into something new.

What I did

  1. Follow the instructions they have here for deploying a Hugo site
  2. I ported over some of the posts I had from the GitLab repo (editors choice 🤪) and moved the repo to GitHub
    1. Only a few made it as I decided some of my earlier posts weren’t that interesting to me anymore
    2. I was also using GitLab because GitHub didn’t have private repositories for free, now they do!
  3. Update the nameservers my domain is currently using to Cloudflare provdied ones
  4. Create CNAME entry with wwwand the cloudflare provided page
  5. Set ENVARS for HUGO_ENV and HUGO_VERSION in the Cloudflare Pages settings for my project


The website you’re seeing is now basically managed via Cloudflare Pages.