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I was recently asked to help with containerizing our local development. Using docker compose up has always been a strong desire for everyone, but like most things, the priority has never been there. However, with some recent changes, it’s gotten some attention. One thing that I somehow stumbled upon early in my Docker setup was the enabling of a setting:

Hidden Docker Setting

You can find the Docker release notes about this here. But with this little change, running Docker images was pretty seamless. But verifying what I was doing on other machine was turning to be challenging.

I spent a lot of time trying to figure out why things just worked on my Apple Silicon machine and not on anyone else. Finally, when I paired with someone, we combed through a bunch of settings and finally got to this hidden Docker setting. I’ve still yet to find a CLI command that will automatically enable or validate this setting in general, but I’m hoping it’ll be available one day.